Our Approach

A CFO’s key role is to maintain the financial health of the company. He continuously invests time to understand, evaluate and analyse the changes in the micro & macro environment and make recommendations that will help the company reach its goals.

We bring in a similar approach to your life and wealth. As your CFO, we believe in investing time with you to get a deeper understanding of your goals, aspirations, challenges and opportunities. Our proprietary tools and DAAPE strategy helps us in planning, advising and regular monitoring so that your investments are aligned to your financial goals.

Our investment experience over the last 2 decades and interacting with hundreds of families on financial matters, has enabled us to constantly improve and arrive at a five stage process that holistically analyses the client, the investments and the goals.

Who You Are

We begin by getting to know you better. During this stage, we find out
about your family, your background - professional and personal, and your passions. We build a personality profile which guides us while developing the plans.

Where You’re At

During this stage, we understand income, expenses, savings,
investments, loans and your other financial commitments, at the family level.

Where You Want to Go

At this stage, it is important to understand what your life goals and aspirations are, both as an individual and as part of a family.

How You Liftoff

Once our analysis is complete and we have a plan in place, we move to executing. Here, we take you through the plan and get your vote of approval and start the journey.

How We Monitor

Most firms monitor/review only the investments done through them. But we go a step further; we review the entire wealth, irrespective of when and from where the investments have been done. Our monitoring takes into account the ever-changing external (markets, macroeconomic factors, policies etc.) and internal environment (family situation, inheritance, health, goals etc) and we adjust accordingly as we believe no 360° service is complete without 365 days monitoring.