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Thursday Trivia – 2014 the year that was

Greetings to you from Circle Wealth Advisors…

2014 was an eventful year creating memories that will leave us both happy and sad. May the New Year help us overcome the sadness  and build further on good. Here is wishing you a very Happy New Year.

It was also eventful in terms of finances where assets performed in contrary to what they were performing in previous years. Gold which is considered as a safe heaven gave negative returns and fell by 8%, equity on the other hand gave phenomenal returns where nifty rose by almost 30%. We at Circle Wealth Advisors as always recommend to create a diversified portfolio keeping in mind your goals and risk appetite. Also most importantly not get skewed to one asset class and rebalance the portfolio on regular interval.

“ET Wealth” has created interesting infographics summarizing these statistics. I am posting a few of them which are self-explanatory giving you a gist of what happened in 2014



Gold 2


Equity 1

Equity 2

Equity 3

Equity 4

Equity 5


Debt 1

Debt 2

Income Tax

IT 1

IT 2

Life Insurance


Real Estate

Real Estate

Happy Investing!!! 


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