February 2, 2023

Thursday Trivia~ Invest smartly: Put Your Financial Goals First, Not Just Savings on Tax

The Kinder Joy chocolate brand, made famous by the Italian company Ferraro, has become a household name for its innovative marketing strategy of including a surprise toy inside each egg-shaped […]
January 12, 2023

Thursday Trivia ~ Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Direct Equity Investing: A logical Guide

In 2014 EPS (Earning Per Share) of CVS pharmacy, a US-listed pharmaceutical company, fell by approximately 10% to $0.95 from $1.04. One of the significant contributors to this fall was […]
December 29, 2022

Thursday Trivia~The Importance of Patience in Investing: Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo Tree

As a generation spoiled for convenience and fast results, we often struggle with patience and willingness to endure pain. This was exemplified for me recently when my son asked why […]
December 22, 2022

Thursday Trivia~Biggest risk in investment is not volatility as you might think

The Mount Erebus disaster is considered one of the deadliest crashes in the history of Air New Zealand. On the morning of 28th November 1979, a sightseeing flight left Auckland […]
December 8, 2022

Thursday Trivia~Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – do you agree?

My good friend got into an unavoidable situation to introduce some panel speakers at an event. He has an immense challenge speaking English, increasing his stage fear. One of the […]
December 1, 2022

Thursday Trivia – Why I am not happy with a 100 bagger stock

In a lecture series on YouTube, the late Mr Parag Parikh beautifully summarised human wants in his opening remark. The third slide of his presentation says “We strive for ●  […]
October 21, 2022

Thursday Trivia~The power of incentives

Many of us would have seen the recent performance of Pankaj Tripathi in the movie “Sherdil”. It’s a decent watch on Netflix. The film is about how the main character […]
May 2, 2019

Thursday Trivia ~ Investment Biases that blind Legitimate Business vis a vis Shell Company!

  Apple iPhones have become a rage among youngsters. It’s not just about features anymore, it has become a status symbol. Youngsters hardly use 5% of the features available on […]
February 7, 2019

Thursday Trivia ~ Are you Financially Free?

  Rahul, Divya and Mahesh are childhood friends. Everyone likes to call them  – 3 Musketeers! Right from staying in Mumbai’s suburbs during their school and colleges days to now […]